Bob Gammer
Moderator - Board of Elders

2022 - What a whirlwind!

People coming to faith in Jesus and getting baptized. People beginning married life together and others welcoming new children into their families. People celebrating milestone events in their lives and people mourning and remembering loved ones now with the Lord. As a church family we shared in more of these as pandemic restrictions relaxed. The year ended with us growing reacquainted with regular in-person worship services and all of the above events that are key gatherings in the life of the church.

Rob Dyck
Lead Pastor


Last April, Leanne and I had the incredible opportunity to participate in a study trip of the holy land.  It was educational and eye opening and inspirational…a trip of the lifetime to say the least!  One of the many lessons that stood out for me was standing at the Gates of Hades, a rocky barren escarpment with pagan temple ruins laying all around.  It was a place where, two millennia ago, the residents of the region went to worship pagan gods and throw goat sacrifices into a cave filled with blood-soaked water.

I can imagine that it was a spiritually oppressive setting where empty religion combined with warped philosophical and cultural views of the day reigned.  Yet it was there, in that place, that Jesus told his disciples that “upon this rock, I will build my Church and all the powers of hell will not conquer it” (Matt. 16:18).  I wonder what his disciples thought.  Really Jesus?  Right here?  In this place?  This is where the kingdom of God is going to break through?  If that’s what they were thinking, it’s a fair question.  It's a question that disciples in 2023 still ask because it’s challenging to know if the church of Jesus Christ is being built and making a difference in our world…right here, right now…in this place…in Prince George…with the many challenges of our day swirling around us.

And are there challenges before the church, even Westwood Church?  Absolutely!  But we take comfort that it’s Jesus’ church and He is building it according to His plans, His power, and His people, even imperfect people.  So what has God been doing among us and how has He been building?  Let me make several reflections looking back at 2022 before talking about moving forward into the year ahead.

Reflections on 2022

We give thanks to Jesus for the opportunity to experience re-entry with our faith community in closer relationship and fellowship.  While there has been much shifting of people in our city and among our churches, to be able to be in community as we were designed to be has been wonderful!  Worshipping together, serving together, and just doing life together has been life giving for all.  When we reengaged with in person worship services last January, we averaged about 130 in worship service attendance.  One year later, as we have experienced incremental growth, we currently average 420 including children.  Beginning February 12, we will shift to two services at 9:00 and 10:45 am on Sunday morning while keeping Children’s Ministry only in the 10:45 am service.  We continue to develop leaders and ministry volunteers in our re-entry.  Even with the return to in person worship services there has been consistent engagement with our online worship services.

So what's ahead in 2023?

Proverbs 16:9 says that “in his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.”  I believe that’s often the case in the life of the church.  We make prayerful plans, and they can often be noble plans, but ultimately the Lord determines how our ministry unfolds…just think about the past few years!  This again, emphasizes that Jesus is the One who builds His church…wherever…whenever…however.  Therefore, we, too, must constantly surrender our plans back to Him.  Centred on our strategic priorities, there are a number of areas that our leadership desires to press into in greater measure.


This past year, I had a growing compulsion from God’s Spirit, that as Lead Pastor, I needed to take on oversight of our priority of being a praying church and a praying people.  So I have done that and am doing that.  I am trusting God to guide us deeper, not only in a spiritual discipline, but in a relationship with Almighty God who has created us!  For many, I fear that prayer is not much more than table grace or a lifeline when in crisis mode.  There must be more…and there is!  That’s why we have started 2023 asking Jesus to teach us how to pray and learning to apply it in different ways through lamenting, listening, fasting, fervency, and being still before Him.  He wants us to know Him more fully, to walk with Him more closely, and to obey Him more completely.  We can do that as we become a people of prayer.  It must saturate every aspect of our ministry through Westwood because without prayer, we are powerless.

Prayer Highlight
8:30 am

Every Wednesday morning from 8:30 – 9 am, anyone is welcome to join a prayer gathering in the Prayer Room at church or join on Zoom.  It is an integrated approach and very meaningful as those present lean into prayer for our church, our city, and God’s direction for us.  Contact the church office if you would like to become more engaged in our prayer times, we welcome that!


Ever since arriving in Prince George nearly six years ago, I have felt like Westwood has a unique opportunity to disciple young adults who may come from a faith background but who have left their home community to attend college or university in Prince George.  The research clearly bears out that the university years are not very kind to many who proclaimed Christian faith as a child or teenager.  The results often include abandonment and complete rejection of the faith once proclaimed.  As a larger church located centrally between the College of New Caledonia and UNBC, Westwood has significant opportunity to make a difference in the faith development of students, both short and long term.  Thus, with a previous decision by our church family to utilize Dufferin Apartments as leverage for further Westwood ministry  initiatives, together with the Westwood Board of Elders, Dufferin Board, and our Young Adults Ministries, a vision proposal is currently underway to purchase a home for the purpose of intentional discipleship, in a safe and nurturing environment, for up to eight college/university students who will be more committed to Jesus, the scriptures, and the local church so that they will be more effective disciples in the calling that Jesus has for them upon their graduation.
Imagine the impact Westwood Church can have in five, ten, and twenty years in equipping next generation leaders in their followership of Jesus as they serve in education, medicine, business, and countless other areas including their local church!


I am of the opinion that while God has gifted some with a leadership gift, for most, leadership is developed over time.  Specific to spiritual leadership, it begins with our discipleship.  Are we following Jesus first and foremost?  Are we leading ourselves well where discipline, integrity, humility, trustworthiness, and obedience to Jesus are all growing hallmarks of our character?  Are we faithful in the little things entrusted to us?  How are we stewarding the gifts and talents given uniquely by God to us?  These are critical self-reflection questions for all of us on the pathway to the development of our leadership of others in the life of the church.  Therefore, we desire to be intentional about coaching and mentoring others first in their discipleship so that they have a solid foundation on which to build their formation.

I want to give a big shout out to every Westwooder who is currently mentoring or discipling another person!  Your ministry of encouragement, guidance, instruction, and prayer with another is invaluable!  You may not know the full extent of your impact but you are making a difference so keep it up!  To all our microChurch leaders, pastors, elders, and staff, let’s watch our lives and teaching first, even as we stay faithful in shepherding the sheep in our care.  And as we do, we will not only grow ourselves but others as well.  Let’s be on the lookout for those who are needing to take that next step and let’s continue to call out more people to grow in their spiritual leadership.

While everyone is invited to this weekend seminar, I especially encourage our staff, elders, microChurch leaders, and anyone serving on a ministry team to join us for this time with Dr. Mark Wessner as he guides us through this important equipping event.  Watch for details coming soon!


In the most recent Canadian census data taken in 2021, 34.6% of our Canadian population listed themselves as “nones,” those having no religious affiliation.  Our beautiful province of British Columbia was the most secular of all provinces, coming in at 52.1% of those identifying themselves as “nones.”  And within BC, Prince George’s population of approximately 88,000, the “nones” sit around 65%, giving it one of the top spots as most secular in our country.  This may evoke different feelings, depending on one’s perspective.  On the one hand, it may elicit a sense that our city is “going to hell in a hand basket” and be cause for deep consternation.  On the other hand, it may spark a sense of opportunity and deep passion to see God do something as he builds His church…right here…right now… regardless of what the census data reveals about how many people are essentially humanists, living for themselves, depending on themselves, with no sense that there is something and Someone greater.

As I conclude my report, I want to say a big thanks to the team with which I work most closely.  To our Board of Elders, who often feel like there’s more work than possible to do and not enough time, THANK YOU!  You serve diligently at your day jobs and then you give of your time and talents to our church family.  I appreciate each of you greatly!  To our Pastoral and Administrative Team, each of you brings your unique gifts to the fore which enables our church family to pursue our mission with excellence and effectiveness.  Each of you have persisted through a very challenging season and for that I say THANK YOU!  And to each one who prays, supports, serves, encourages, gives, and blesses, THANK YOU!  Let’s continue to fix our eyes on the only ONE who ultimately holds the plans and purposes for His church.

In the power of Jesus and His Spirit,
Pastor Rob


Online Ministries


Our online team is currently six individuals who operate the broadcasting system, cameras, and host on the Online Church Platform.  We overlap with the audio/visual techs who bring us audio and various media presentations.  As this team continues to learn and grow, so we can provide the best possible online experience for each viewer, new community has also formed.


Westwood Church’s Online Ministries seeks to connect with and meet the needs of those who are unable to attend a Sunday morning service due to various barriers such as health, distance, or work schedules.


Online Ministries is more than getting a video and audio into someone’s home on Sunday mornings.  It is hosting while a service is live-streamed, chatting in chat rooms with viewers about the current topic or series.  Spending time in prayer with those who request that in our sidebar chat room.  Posting services to YouTube and our website, allowing for people to go back to a sermon that was of great impact to them, or share it with someone.  It is coming alongside a grieving family to stream a memorial service so their loved ones who can’t travel are able to participate.


This past year the average unique viewers (each device connected is considered a unique viewer) on a Sunday morning averaged 101, even after in person services were allowed and mandates were lifted.

On average each service is viewed about 80 times after it has been posted to our YouTube channel, where we currently have 236 Subscribers.

One service this year that was impactful and viewed over 200 times after being posted to our website and Youtube channel, was when John Johnstone came to speak on November 27.  He is a Multiply Missionaries and Educator, who serve among First Nations people groups in Western Canada.

If you are interested in film or broadcasting, please send an email to!



Ryan Beer
microChurch & Go Ministries Pastor

I’m excited to share a story of what God did within our microChurches.  Earlier this year Pastor Robin and I were facing a challenge.  Our microChurches were getting quite full and it seemed every time we started a new one it would be filled quickly.  It was clear that we needed more leaders to start up more microChurches, but we were unsure of how we would come up with these leaders.  It was in this moment Pastor Robin suggested we should pray and see how the Lord would supply our need for leaders.

Within a day or two we heard that the Holy Spirit had laid it on the heart of one of our microChurches that they should multiply and create multiple microChurches, with various members from this microChurch being willing to lead.  What a blessing!

Did you know?

Approximately 200 people are involved in 22 microChurches.


Robin Bjarnason
microChurch Pastor

Pastor Robin adds:

Please pray for:

  • microChurches to continue to multiply when and where it will be fruitful to do so.
  • microChurch leaders - both newer and older - to be well nourished and encouraged for the work before them.  Of the shepherd/king David, the psalmist says, “He cared for them with a true heart and led them with skillful hands” (Psalm 78:72 NLT).
  • The ongoing maturing of the groups themselves according to Romans 12:9-13:

“Don’t just pretend to love others.  Really love them.  Hate what is wrong.  Hold tightly to what is good.  Love each other with genuine affection and take delight in honouring each other.  Never be lazy, but work hard and serve the Lord enthusiastically.  Rejoice in our confident hope.  Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying.  When God’s people are in need, be ready to help them.  Always be eager to practice hospitality.”


Worship Arts Ministries


Corinne Wiebe
Worship Arts Pastor


Praise God for greater connectedness and growth in 2022!  The first half of 2022 was focused on welcoming existing teammates back into our post-pandemic reality and the second half of 2022 was great as we welcomed some new members to the team…five to be exact!
“For me it continues to be a privilege to be able to serve our Lord through music as I have done for over forty years.”


To effectively and appropriately point people to Jesus, and to know how to rightly respond to Him, through worship expressions such as singing and prayer.


Much of the practical aspects of Worship Arts Ministries are specific to the “task” of leading worship.  However, a lot of the spiritual aspects of worship are directly connected to our spiritual journey.  Thus, the opportunities for transformation and growth as a result of the expression of worship at Westwood are boundless, for those who serve in this ministry as well as those who engage with us each week!
“How do I measure spiritual growth?  I don’t have all the answers but I keep on being faithful to Him regardless what trials I face (and there have been some big ones).  I love my Lord and am very grateful for his love and care for me”
Westwood Church Member
“Participating in Westwood Worship Arts reminds me to focus on what is most important and to live with intention” 
Westwood Church Worship Team Member


While we consider everyone on the team to be a leader, we continue to explore what practical and spiritual response to God looks like.  Furthermore, those within our team who currently lead worship, and those who are learning how to lead worship, are actively pursuing growth in the area of how we guide others in that response.  We work through a book together and share a devotional time and a prayer time at our weekly rehearsals.  We also have some next generation leaders who are being mentored and supported as they continue to grow spiritually and practically in the area of worship leadership.  We are also supporting the Youth Worship Team and beginning to work more closely with them!
“Like in teaching (responding to student behaviors), I am learning that worship is not about us.  It has made me more cognizant of how I'm reflecting God.  He doesn't expect us to be perfect, just to have the right heart, try our best and be available”
Westwood Church Worship Team Member

Go Ministries


Ryan Beer
microChurch & Go Ministries Pastor

Jesus has called his followers to GO and make disciples of all nations. The call is to do this both locally and to the ends of the earth.  This is what our Go ministries at Westwood are all about; seeing the transforming power of the gospel change peoples lives as they come into a relationship with their Creator and choose to give their lives to him.

This year, for the focus of my Go report I would love to share the story of what God is doing both in our own city and with one of our ministry partners abroad.


Children's Ministries


Twyla Morgan
Children's Ministry Leader

Thank you to all our prayer warriors praying on our behalf!  We give thanks for each of you.  We are grateful for the many blessings received including the increase of new adult volunteers which buoyed the spirits of our existing volunteer team.  It has been wonderful to have so many new people willing to give their time and energy to our Sunday morning Children’s Ministries.


Volunteer numbers grew significantly, matching the growing number of children in Sunday School and those attending last summer’s weekly programming.  Many unexpected moments of kindness and generosity were shown from members of our church family.  God raised up those who have always supported us with their time and resources, and provided new people as well, to join our team.


Daily Vacation Bible School day camp July 17-21.


We are working with our youth volunteers in the coming months with additional training and team building.  Our young people inspire us each week with their willingness to serve with the little members of our congregation, showing once again that you don’t have to be an adult to be a disciple of Jesus.


  • Wisdom and direction for our leaders and teachers.
  • Daily Vacation Bible School day camp and clear direction from the Holy Spirit.
  • A sense of comradery with our ministry volunteers where each one will feel valued and appreciated, and where new friendships and lasting relationships will be developed.
  • That children will experience community and a sense of belonging.
  • Children’s Ministry Leadership Team (Twyla Morgan, Amy Dobson, Sarah Saunders, April Groot, and Craig Reimer) as they address the ever-changing needs of our children and their families, adapting with appropriate curriculums and programming.

Did you know?

Kendra Shauer, Trinity Bailie, Melody Missiuna, and Mitch Nikkel are studying at Columbia Bible College. Please pray for them.

Did you know?

Our Pastoral Team is working through a book together called "Shalom and the Community of Creation," an Indigenous perspective.

Did you know?

About 65% of Prince George's population declared "no religious affiliation" in the 2021 census.  The mission opportunity is great.

Did you know?

Westwood Church now has two couples planted in two MCC Apartment buildings, one couple in each serving and pastoring the residents.


Youth Ministries

It is always a challenge to write a report for a ministry that doesn’t follow the calendar year.  So many changes can come so quickly in Youth Ministries.  In January 2022, we were in a very different place than we are now but in it all we, through it all, as a youth ministry team, can see God at work.


Our desire for Westwood’s Youth Ministries is to create a safe environment for students to know Jesus more.  We see students and leaders walking closer to Jesus and learning whose they are and who they are called to be in Christ.


From January - June 2022, we saw amazing things happening under the leadership of Pastor David Chelini.  Discipleship and leadership development of our youth was keenly experienced!  Pastor David’s connection with the students and love for them and desire for them to know Jesus better was evident in all his interactions with each one.  As a group the Senior Youth had the opportunity to participate in a retreat with other students in BC.  This was a highlight for many as they were able to build relationships outside of our regular weekly events.  For Junior Youth, consistent relational interactions with Pastor David and their youth leaders have set a foundation for continued growth.  Under Pastor David, our Youth Worship Team was created and students now have the chance to develop giftings of leadership, worship leading skills and musical ability all pointed to Jesus.  We continue to develop our relationship with the MCC apartment residents.  Summer’s focus was meeting students where they were at, checking in, and leaning into Jesus.

In August, we said goodbye to Pastor David, his wife, Becca and their son, Luca.  This was a very difficult goodbye for the youth, the leaders, and David.  He had developed a strong team to love on the students and for that, we are grateful.  The Chelinis were a huge blessing and their departure was a great loss for our youth ministry.


From September through December, our volunteer leaders stepped up in so many ways to provide a place for students to meet Jesus.  We have walked as a group through the loss of Pastor David, hard questions, celebrations, and discussions through our studies and our times together.  It has been very stretching but we have continued to see God provide energy and creativity, along with strong Christian adult leaders (new and not so new) as we await for God’s appointment of our Youth Pastor.


Please join our Youth Ministry team in prayer as we pray:

  • For each of our 25 Senior Youth and 30 Junior Youth students that they will grow in their identity in Christ and be empowered to take what they learn and know into the schools and places God has placed them for such a time as this.
  • For our mostly volunteer youth leadership team as they step in to fill in the gaps, giving their lives to see students cared for and pointed to Jesus.
  • For wisdom, grace, and understanding for the leadership team as decisions are made in the absence of a full time Youth Pastor.
  • For the individual whom God has chosen to lead our Youth Ministry.

In His Grace,
On behalf of the Youth Ministry Team
Amy Dobson

Please join us in praying...

...for the new disciples of Jesus in our church family and ask God that more would respond to following Him.

...for our Board of Elders: Bob Gammer, Amy Dobson, Keith Warkentin, Lisa Sukau, Rob Larson, and Pastor Rob Dyck.

...that our church family pursues unity, love, grace and truth standing firm against the spiritual attack of the enemy.

...for strength , direction, and encouragement for our volunteer Youth Ministries team.


    Men's Ministries

    While Men’s Ministries was effectively stalled during the pandemic, the leaders have enthusiastically reengaged with this ministry September 2022.  We praise God for the efforts of each one serving together to making Men’s Ministries a success. We trust that Men’s Ministries will contribute to blessing the members of the Westwood family.


    The Men’s Ministries endeavors to encourage all men to experience a transformative relationship with Jesus through meeting regularly utilizing weekly Men’s Breakfasts and events that bring men together in relationship with each other.


    Men’s Ministries primarily meets Wednesday mornings.  Participants make breakfast and gather around tables to eat, while having focused spiritual discussion from video curriculum, and praying together.  Attendance began at 12-15 individuals and is growing!


    Men’s Ministries hosted a men’s and kid’s campout January 27-28.  Men had the opportunity to have fun with fellow dads and their children, while encouraging one another in their different needs.  We pray that this event will highlight awareness of different opportunities to serve together.  Moving forward in 2023, Men’s Ministries also hopes to bless Westwood women with Ladies’ Night Out, and potentially a spring or summer campout.  We want to be open to God’s leading.


    That Men’s Ministries might glorify Jesus in all we do.

    Care Ministries


    Robin Bjarnason
    microChurch Pastor

    Praise the LORD for the many people, who, under the direction of Del and Sylvia Reinheimer, provide well organized support to our church family with meals, home repairs, and moving help. In 2022, this meant providing meal trains for seven households in a difficult period, one household move, and one household repair.

    Praise the LORD that this is just the tip of the iceberg of the reality of all the practical caring that goes on quietly every week in this church family, and through our microChurches.

    Please pray for:

    • All of our eyes to be open for needs around us, including and especially among seniors experiencing health limitations.
    • For wisdom for Del, Sylvia, Pastor Robin and the other pastors, as Care Ministry activities often reveal broader needs to respond to.
    • Very practically, that when moving help is needed, that there be provision for the team of strong, young muscles at the right time!

    Library & Resource Centre


    Praise God for the Library and Resource Center team who are working together to provide quality resources and to launch new learning initiatives. Pray for continued guidance in material choices and improved operations.


    The Library and Resource Centre is under a new leadership team including Rachelle Munchinsky, Trish Cheesman, Shirley Madsen, and Barb Otter.  The focus over the last year has been on updating the collection, reorganizing, and seeking out quality and accessible resources for Westwood attendees to grow their faith and leadership skills.  This ministry has worked to build upon the existing collection and hard work of many dedicated long-serving volunteers by surveying the Westwood congregation to see what additional resources are needed to grow their faith.


    • Survey Westwood church family to gain understanding of what patrons are looking for.
    • Audit of usage of library resources and culling of underused or outdated items,
    • Update the library space so items and resources are more visible,
    • Engage and equip people with a passion for library materials and operational processes to further serve the congregation,
    • Promote new and relevant resources that encompasses a wide range of ages and interests,
    • Source new resources that align with Westwood’s sermon series and grow the awareness of relevant materials,
    • Host discipleship events such as the quarterly book brunch which reaches a new audience that blends people in various life stages fostering leadership development.


    • Facilitate book brunches that are collaborative and participatory, and foster learning with discipleship materials in a group setting,
    • Expanding services as requested through ongoing surveys and engagement with Westwood attendees,
    • Meet the resource needs of all Westwooders, from youngest to oldest and in any stage of life.  Examples include Board Books for young children, Large Print books, Audiobooks, DVDs, Fiction, and an expanding teen, junior, and adult non-fiction collection.

    Financial Report

    God has abundantly provided for Westwood Church once again through his faithful people and we give him all the glory for that!  A big thank you to our finance team: Kerri Warkentin, Dave Shauer, Shawn Greydanus, Rob Larson, Bob Gammer, and Pete Willms. Kerri Warkentin took the position of chairperson of the finance team in early 2023.

    The biggest news is that we plan to pay off our mortgage in 2023! Westwood Church will be debt free and we are excited about the possibilities that this will give us going forward.

    At the end of 2022 we had a surplus of $30,000 and this was mainly due to less wages being paid than expected.  Our overall giving was slightly lower than in 2021 and our expenses were higher as we were operating in person for most of the year.

    We are so thankful for the resources that God has given us and we want to continue to strive to use them for his purposes and glory.